Scott and Megan met in the hills of Northern California in 2007.  It is there that our passion for cannabis cultivation began to take root.  Thanks to California Proposition 215, we were able to gain 11 seasons of growing expertise working the dusty hillside together learning to grow this amazing plant.  We feel fortunate to have gained wisdom from our community and by learning through experience the "tricks of the trade".  Our skillset has given us an edge on tuning in to the plants; identifying pests and diseases and treating nutrient deficiencies to ensure plant health is our job.   

We believe that nurturing our soil is as important as nurturing our plants.  Sustainable farming practices are at the fore-front of our planning and practice at Four Winds Farm.  We amend our soil with organic and OMRI listed amendments and we are in the process of getting our field certified Organic for the 2021 season.  We plant cover crops to promote plant diversity and biodiversity within the soil microbes.  Cover cropping also helps protect biodiversity off the farm by holding amendments in the soil which helps to protect ecosystems down-stream.  


We've learned that a mineral-rich soil provides fruits and flowers the opportunity to reach their highest potential for cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profiles.  We've incorporated worm castings, compost and bio-char to ensure that our plants have a mineral-rich environment to thrive in.  We also brew compost teas to help support plant health and to build resiliency to pests and disease. 

We believe that nurturing your body with organic ingredients is also very important.  Our body care and edible line are made up of 95% organic ingredients.  We grow our own hemp flower and other medicinal herbs to incorporate into our product line.  Megan spent 8 years working at a lavender farm where she helped to distill essential oil and learned to make body care products.  She also took the Yerba Woman herbal course and got a glorious introduction into the world of herbalism.  Each of our products is intentionally made with herbs and essential oils that help to target and soothe specific ailments that you may be experiencing.  We are so pleased to be able to provide hand-crafted, home-made herbal products to our

community, and to yours.

At Four Winds Farm, we want everyone to experience the many benefits that hemp has to offer.  This plant has been with us for thousands of years and our bodies have an endocannabinoid system specifically designed to receive its benefits.  Nature doesn't let us down.  Let this plant into your life and see for yourself how much

she has to offer!